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Cake Bomb

Comedy-Suspense   |  6:37 min  |  2021  |  HD

Two different, fashionable women are having lunch in a London restaurant. They seem to be doing this on a regular.

They start talking about trainees and why women are more adept at doing their “profession” than men. This women versus men dialogue becomes our key dialogue for the short. The two women turn out to be part of a “spy” organization.

While the two talk, a dashing male agent comes in the restaurant. He takes a seat by the bar. The two women explain who he is, a smug member of their opposition all-male program.

Young trainees start the process of building a bomb that is being put in a birthday cake.

Later, the waitress brings the birthday cake to the man with a candle on it. What happens next? Something sinister or is it just a training lesson?

Directed by: Alexi Tan

Written by: Elaine Gracie & Alexi Tan

Starring: Renate Reinsve, Alicia Agneson, Yvonne Mai, Sandy Oghenovo and Andrew Koji

Produced by: Laurent Manuel, Rob Jowers and Alexi Tan

Audio language:

English, Norwegian, Swedish

Subtitles language: English

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